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Mountain Chill's one of a kind chill-vibes music format is on-air now at 95.5 FM in Telluride and streaming around the planet.
Take a chill break with us.

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Music Discovery

No corporate playlists here. Tune-in for chill vibes from across genres and around the globe, lovingly curated by our local staff.

Green Powered

We are powered by renewables and SMPA Green Blocks. 100% of our energy is from renewable sources.

Terrestrial FM

Broadcasting from 11,000 ft., KRKQ at 95.5 FM is the only full-service commercial FM station in the Telluride, CO resort area.

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Meet our

Weekday DJs

Janet - Morning Drive Radio DJ


MORNING DRIVE (7:30 - 8:30 AM Weekdays) - Janet starts the work day with an eclectic mix of mid and downtempo music.

Eric Funk - Morning Drive Radio DJ

Eric Funk

LUNCH LOUNGE (Noon - 1PM Weekdays) - Eric presents a diverse and eclectic mix of current-leaning music with a mid/downtempo vibe.

Ethan Funk - Evening Drive Radio DJ


EVENING DRIVE (4:30 - 5:30 PM Weekdays) - Ethan hosts a relaxing chilled mix to wrap up the work day.

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