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Mountain Chill / KRKQ was founded in 2011 by local brothers Ethan & Eric Funk with a vision to create a world-class commercial music radio station themed on the idea of chilled-vibes. Our diverse and highly engaging format runs the gamut from popular electronica to house, Latinx to neosoul, EDM to ambient, and future folk to neoclassical.

Expect new music, exclusive premieres, and tracks rarely heard elsewhere on FM radio. We take pride in celebrating our diverse community, breaking away from mountain town rock & roots stereotypes by including a rich selection of female artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists from many different cultural backgrounds in the mix.

We operate with the "small is beautiful" business mindset. Our listening community and our sponsors come first. Feeding the social media machine with updates and material runs a distant second.

Our founders, Eric & Ethan also own and operate radio frequency design firm Red Mountain Radio LLC in Ouray, CO. Their design portfolio includes wearables, M2M, photonics, and more. Their proprietary circuit and antenna designs are included in an array of mass produced consumer and industrial products.